The Polychor Velocity Model is about developing, maintaining spreading the enterprise based vision, optimizing processes and resource usages, focusing on becoming more efficient and focusing on improving group dynamics. Polychor accelerates the use of these four elements so that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

Developing enterprise based vision

It is very important that the enterprise defines a clear vision of where they want to go with the enterprise. This vision must be explained on all levels in the enterprise. The enterprise must be open to receiving feedback and everyone in the enterprise must respect the enterprise’s decisions and directions.

Optimize processes and resource usages

Optimizing processes and resource usages is about eliminating waste.  The Polychor method is based on Lean techniques and thinking. The eight types of waste are mentioned in more detail in our book.

Focus on becoming more efficient

Efficiency in general, describes the extent to which time, effort, or cost is well used for the intended task or purpose. The term “efficient” is very much confused and misused with the term “effective”.  In general, efficiency is a measurable concept, quantitatively determined by the ratio of output to input. “Effectiveness”, is a relatively vague, non-quantitative concept, mainly concerned with achieving objectives. A simple way of distinguishing between efficiency and effectiveness is the saying, “Efficiency is doing things right, while Effectiveness is doing the right things.” This is based on the premise that selection of objectives of a process, are just as important as the quality of that process.

Focus on Group Dynamics

The Polychor Group Dynamics Model is based on Bruce Tuckman’s model introduced in 1965 and the Polychor® approach to control and creativity.